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Simple Is As Brilliant As It Gets

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I’m not sure if it’s the piled up years or experiences that have lead me to appreciate simple solutions, but I’ll tell ya, when it comes to technology and wheelchair users, simple is as brilliant as it gets.

Some Things Just Sag With Age

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If your wheelchair seat and back are made of soft material there is one thing you can count on happening- The upholstery will stretch and sag over time.

How Grandpa Kick Started Wheelchair Basketball

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Grandpa did it! Grandpa was likely a young veteran returning from World War 2 by way of six or so months in a military hospital and a year or two in a VA Hospital.

Inexpensive Do It Yourself Wheelchair Snow Tires

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An inexpensive way to turn your everyday wheelchair tires into wheelchair snow tires.

Every Wheelchair Has A Grandfather

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Today’s manual wheelchairs or modern wheelchairs as we like to call them all have a family tree. When it comes to manual wheelchairs, the family tree is firmly rooted in the bicycle industry.

Staying Cool With A Disability

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For many persons with disabilities over heating can be a health risk or even life threatening. Many a person with quadriplegia or Multiple Sclerosis have had a fun time turned into a bum time due to heat.

Hello world!

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