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Guidosimplex USA

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Guidosimplex USA
(888) 599-8267
La Mesa, California, USA

Guidosimplex was started in the early 1950's by Otello Venturini when Mr. Venturini was selling cars. A man in a wheelchair told Mr. Venturini "If you help me to drive, I'll buy the car." Today, Guidosimplex is run by two brothers, the sons of the original founder --who are still helping the world to drive.

Guidosimplex is the Largest Supplier of Vehicle Hand Controls in the World. Since our start in Italy in 1960, Guidosimplex has grown to have dealers in over 50 countries worldwide, including:
The Americas: United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador
Europe: 19 countries
The Middle East, Asia, and Africa: Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Algeria, South Africa
The South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

Some company’s hand controls haven’t changed in decades – and they look that way. At Guidosimplex, we are constantly improving our vehicle hand controls -- because we think you deserve the best technology. We're also ISO 9001 Certified – to ensure the highest quality hand controls available.

When most new car manufacturers moved to electronic acceleration in the 1990's, we added electronic acceleration to our hand controls. Why do other hand controls continue to ignore the electronic accelerator already built into your vehicle? We want our accelerator to take advantage of all of the technology built into your car.

Electronic accelerators give you more precise control over acceleration, and make your accelerator easily adjustable. That means we can make the gas easier to push so minimal effort is needed. (Most of the other hand controls rely on the old-fashioned mechanical accelerator and aren't adjustable.)
Also electronic accelerators have no mechanical rods to mar the look of your vehicle's interior -- or make it harder to get in and out.

The safest way to drive is by keeping both hands on the wheel. That’s why we have the largest selection of “ring” accelerators that mount either on top of or underneath your steering wheel. A ring accelerator gives you fingertip control of the gas, for easy distance driving.

Guidosimplex hand controls are easier to use – because the motions are more natural. You will ALWAYS push to brake with our hand controls – no unnatural turning of the hand like others.

With stylish design and enhanced technology, it’s clear to see why Guidosimplex is the first choice for drivers who demand high performance, dependability, and simplicity.

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