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United Spinal Association’s Product & Service Providers offer the full spectrum of clinical care, products and services, with an emphasis on spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D). Search the directory to discover service providers near you that specialize in optimizing the health, independence and quality of life of people with SCI/D.

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HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio

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HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio
(210) 691-0737
9119 Cinnamon Hill Drive, San Antonio, Texas, USA 78240

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio is committed to providing the specialized rehabilitation needed for spinal cord injury patients. Our spinal cord program helps patients regain as much strength and movement as possible. It teaches patients new, effective ways to function in their roles at home and in the community. Rehabilitative and medical specialists develop individualized treatment programs for all patients, providing support and guidance to help them reach their highest level of independence.

Spinal cord injuries generally begin with a blow to the spinal column. The force can fracture or dislocate vertebrae – the bone segments in the back. And spinal cord tissue is damaged.

A wide range of symptoms can be experienced, depending on the severity and location. Some spinal injury victims can expect full recovery with rehabilitation. Other injuries are more serious and can result in paralysis. In either case, rehabilitation is important to treatment and repair.

In addition to limiting mobility, spinal cord injuries can result in additional issues, such as respiratory problems.

Our hospital has all the resources needed for specialized spinal cord injury care. The team approach puts the right experts and therapies together for the best possible outcome, focused on:

  • A custom treatment plan, specific to the patient’s needs
  • Medical care and recovery
  • Training and adaptation
  • Supporting the emotional needs of both the patient and caregivers
  • Accessing home-based services as needed
  • Maximizing function at the fullest potential, despite limitations
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9119 Cinnamon Hill Drive, San Antonio, Texas, USA 78240